Blogging is necessary when running a business. This is because blogging and content publication, go a long way to increase search visibility, leads, and sales. Since most business website owners do not have the time to learn the process of blogging on their own, we would outline the process of creating a blog post in this article.

The process of creating a blog post is:

  1. Log into your Dashboard.
  2. Click on Posts link at the left hand side of your dashboard.
  3. When the link opens Click on Add New.
  4. When page opens Input the title and body of the post.
  5. Medias and Forms can be added in between lines by navigating to the line and clicking on the Add Media or Add Form buttons on the tool menu of the post.
  6. [Optional] Create category, Add Tag, Set Featured Image.
  7. Publish the post.

This way the Post will appear in your Blog page.

You can watch the process in the video tutorial below.

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