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The future of your Kids strongly depends on the foundation you create for them. A conducive learning environment, Top Class Teaching staff and Values centered on Child Care and growth are just some of the pillars of that foundation. All of which are present at Start Rite Schools.

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About Us

Start-Rite School provides qualitative education, fun and flexible learning spaces to children. We strongly believe that the only thing a school should be concerned with is student learning. Everything that we do is strategic and deliberate, particularly as it relates to why, what and how students should learn and assessing whether or not students are learning. This is why academic achievement is tracked on all students with the belief that all will be successful.

As part of producing a pure breed of positive thinking and excellent-minded students we engage teachers that are highly trained professionals and are regularly retrained to ensure they are at par with current trends in educational methodologies. They focus on personalising learning for every child and are passionate about the child’s education.

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2018/08/06 18:00:00
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Why Choose Us

Academic Excellence
Extra Curricular Activities
Internationally Recognized
Arts and Craft

Our Impressive Achievements

Professional Teachers
Students Pass Exams
Libraries, Labs and Halls

Our Mission is to create:

  • An environment where children will be treated with love, kindness and patience.
  • A place where a child’s individuality is respected and cherished.
  • An environment where the acquisition of skills and knowledge is fun.

Our Vision

  • To ensure that children learn the necessary life skills for a sure footing in our ever challenging world and develop a sense of service to themselves and others.

Our Environment

Learning is made of Three (3) components, The Internal Zeal of the Child, What the Child is taught and The Environment of the Child. See our Infrastructure below and see how we teach the Child using his environment.


Swimming Pool

Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab

What Makes Us Special

Photography Class

Lab Class

Arts Class

Individual Growth Class

2018/08/06 18:00:00

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